Gee is a thoughtful designer who listens consciously to ensure great commercial outcomes.
Michael Migliore
Executive Marketing Consultant, Shephard Media
Louise Cannon
Marketing Manager
Gee elevates the teams and projects she is involved with.
Senior Copywriter, Amazon
Gee is a very creative and innovative art director.
Senior Art Director, Amazon
Gee is one of the most talented and hard working people I've had the pleasure of working with.
Elliott Begley
Marketing Executive, Shephard Media
Gee is everything you could look for in a Designer
Anthony White
Head of Marketing, Shephard Media
Gee is quite frankly an incredible designer.
Isabella Eckert
Head of Growth, Equals Money
Gee is one of the best designers I have ever worked with.
Darren Lake
CEO, Shephard Media
Gee is an incredibly talented and creative designer.
Annie Fang
Lead Product Designer, Equals Money
Gee consistently comes up with innovative ideas and narratives that surprise and delight
Abi Buchan
Art Director, Amazon


Sanitas wanted to raise awareness of their preventative medicine offering and encourage people to look at healthcare holistically, with new innovative technologies, whilst at the same time provide an emergency service for those who need it.
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Tapping into the Amazon environment was important for reaching people in a trusted environment and gave them the ability to partner Amazon solutions, such as Amazon Fresh, Alexa and Fire TV to create a memorable full-funnel campaign. Breaking Sanitas' healthcare offering down, we created three focus areas; Food & Nutrition, Mindfulness & Well-Being and Exercise & Fitness. We decided a storefront on would be the primary hub, where we created interactive, personalised landing pages for each discipline and included elements that are informative and beneficial for the cusomer
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